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With offices spreading from Shanghai to the market cities of China and a very respectable team, we can offer the best quality control for your goods.

Each of our members is also responsible for your goods before a director personally makes a final check.
This offers more security for your goods between each checkpoint and a more reliable finished result.

Shipping Goods

All goods will be shipped overseas from the closest port to the factory or market to offer the fastest available, safest and reliable service to our clients. We use our affiliated company, "Flying Bird" and trusted shipping company "K-Line" to get the best shipping available.

K-Line China
K-Line America
K-Line Australia
K-Line Japan

Containers, 20/40 foot, are brought to the factory and packed whilst supervised by our own management or companies that we fully trust and depend on. The container is then sealed and trucked to the closest port to be shipped out. We can also export individual or small goods out by ship or if urgent, by air. We try to think of ourselves as the only safe way to have your goods goods shipped to or from China. To do this each and every item purchased from the wholesalers or manufactured at the factories, by our clients or for our clients, will be thoroughly checked.